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People who do these 7 exercises regularly will look younger and be healthy

运动后不拉筋,会有什么后果?这些变化较为明显- 每日头条

To maintain a healthy state of the body, scientific exercise is essential. Because people in the state of exercise, at this time the body's circulation, metabolic capacity to improve, can maintain the youthful state of organs, while immune function can also be improved, so that the probability of people suffering from disease will also be reduced to a certain extent, the extension of life is beneficial. Therefore, we need to actively engage in sports to maintain good health in our daily lives. What exercises can be done regularly to effectively promote health?


Sit-ups are common exercises, in the process of sit-ups, can be carried out to effectively improve the exercise students abdominal muscles, to help them eliminate the patient's abdominal flab. If there is a thickening of the waistline as well as the appearance, it is recommended that this work exercise can be done more often to help students abdominal fat burning. The amount of abdominal fat is reduced, at this time the internal organs are not susceptible to the development of different fat cells substances and reduce its function of the main role.

2、Deep squat

Squat is a lot of people like to exercise, not only to improve cardiorespiratory function, but also to exercise the buttocks and leg muscles. In the process of squatting, the person's posture will change and can better promote blood circulation, so people who want to promote good health may want to do more squatting.

3, swimming

Swimming consumes more energy than other exercises, but it causes less wear and tear on the joints and bones. Because when people swim in the water, the water can play a cushioning role, thus reducing joint or bone damage, thus maximizing the protection of the body, while achieving the effect of exercise.


Jogging for half an hour every morning is an excellent choice. Jogging can not only consume energy and help control weight, but also improve cardiorespiratory function and exercise heart muscle capacity. So you want to promote physical health, you may want to jog this exercise.

5, flat support

Plate support is now a popular social sport in China, relying solely on the arms to support the body, keeping their bodies on the level as well as the line. Although it does not seem to move, but it will tighten the body muscles, but also to achieve the effect of exercise, general normal people can support three minutes is not bad.


Push-ups are suitable for Chinese men in the form of sports development, in the process of carrying out the completion of the push-ups, can be shaped by a good body shape, exercise to the arms, shoulders muscle groups, so that they can look good head to shoulder ratio, to achieve a more perfect effect of different body shape. Push-ups themselves are also more intense exercise to promote body circulation.

7、Long distance running

For people with strong endurance, it is suitable for long-distance running exercise. During long-distance running, it can effectively improve the heart function and promote the body's circulation and metabolism, making people look younger.

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