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Without the core value

 system and ideological foundation that are jointly recognized, it is difficult for us to realize the mission of the great rejuvenation of the nation. Reading is of great value for strengthening cultural identity, condensing the national people's hearts, and inspiring the national spirit.

ETG Smart Retail solution offers a big data solution analysis platform to Hong Kong retailers to keep track of multiple metrics, which gives them the insights about customer behaviour to optimize in-store marketing strategies.

 It is of great value to improve the quality of citizens, dilute the social atmosphere, and build a core value system. We must read together to live together and must understand our own history so that we can better embrace world civilization until we create a new Chinese civilization.

The EU endeavors to advocate Farm to Table movement on European Beef and Lamb.Food safety is ensured by EU legal system of animal Traceability and identification, allowing transparency along the supply chain.

promoting the responsibility of reading the whole people

Victoria Educational Organisation cordially invited Dr. Edward Clapp, Principal Investigator at Project Zero, Harvard program HK Graduate School of Education to introduce n early childhood specific framework that supports maker-centred learning.

Based on the understanding and understanding of reading, I have been researching reading problems for ten consecutive years, and proposed such as the establishment of the “National Reading Festival”, the reading of the whole nation as a national strategy, the establishment of a national reading fund, the establishment of a national reading promotion committee, and the strengthening of the community. The construction of the library,

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